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(Dec. 5th.) and I was to go over

to Mrs. Ripples to take care of 27

Charlie so she went along

& Came back to Lindleys

after Mr & Mrs. Ripple got

home & after supper she &

I went down town I bot

a pair of shoes at Osetrans

and the Clerk (a young man)

who waited on me was

an interesting talker &

we had so much fun

while I was trying on

my shoes: and after & got

" " we came out

and went to Euclid Theatre

then came home & Grace

stayed all night with me

and went home Sun. morn.

in time to get breakfast

and about the middle

of the forenoon she called

me up and I asked her if

she was coming down 

again in the afternoon

& she said "I Can't"