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28 and of course I asked her

why & she said "they were

quarentined for Scarlet fever"

the oldest boy was sick with

it such a shock as it was

but hope no ill will come of it: 

Dec 7. Mr & Mrs. Lindley went

to Caty today mr. Palmer came

to do a little work in Bath - 

room upstairs. went home

before noon & never showed

up any more. I started a

fire in furnace tonight, fed

calf, milked the two cows, 

and got supper, Lindleys

Came home about the time

I finished milking so they

had to wait a while on Supper

Besse came b[l?]ack to Ardens

this P.M. she has been home

since Friday was sick

is why she went home she

wanted me to come over 

this eve. but I was so late

with my nights work that I 

phoned & told her I couldn't come.