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Tuesday Dec. 8, 1914 


usual work done besides

running vacum [sweepy?]

over living room, sprayed

off front porch, & cleaned

sleeping porches, & cleaned

sleeping porches upstairs

Ripples, [her?] for dinner & 

while they were all eating

dinner Mr. Angus Lindley

came, Bessie came

over to borrow some

cake tins to bake her

in & then brot them

back I walked back with

her & came over to her

place again after supper

& B & I went to show

and 2 boys started & 

follow us home; we

stopped to let them pass

us & they said "what

are you waiting for" & 

B. said "were not waiting

for you that's a cinch"

etc. that stopped the [far?]

phoned to Grace and P.M.