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Wed. Dec. 9, 1914.

Mr. Angus Llindley went home

this morn. Usual work goes see Mr

Carl Palmer came this P.M. & 

did a little work in bathroom up

stairs. Bessie & I went down

town in P.M. B. got her a 

white skirt & waist. I saw the 

fellow that I got my shoes of at

Oestrans he looked & looked

at me Grace & I had so much 

fun with him the night I got

my shoes there. Grace phoned

to me this P.M. & asked me if S. had

been there any more she also said

they were having lots of fun up at

Allens, said Mr. A. talked of getting

his Auto out & ride around in

the "Tennis Court" because he

was so tired staying at home since

they were quarentined:

Thursday Dec. 10

Bessie wanted to know if I read something from Christian 


Mrs. L. planned to go to Los A. today

but started to rain when she got down

to Depot so came back rained all

day nothing much doing. I baked

bread 4 loaves raisin bread & 4 not raisins

made some cup cakes & cooked apples for sauce