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Friday Dec. 11, 


rained all after noon quite hard.

Mr. Smith came to take grocery

order in forenoon, Fish man came

& Everett Hardy delivered groceries

expressman brot a box for Lindleys from

Los A. Xmas presents from Donnies

brothers folks. Donnie gave me

2 pictures that he had taken & painted

Besse & I went down town this

Afternoon I got some yarn for 

Ms. Lindley & tried & got some nuns

soles. but did not have any

at all like she wanted saw Everett

on the St. & he spoke to us. saw

"Olestrans Clerk" in shoe Dept. & [aitas?]

phoned to Grace: 

Sat. Dec. 12.

Genl work this forenoon. Mr &

Mrs. Lindley went to Pomma

this P.M. & I & Besse went

down town B. had some

picture taken (got her pitcher took)

one doz. I got some oil cloth

for Mrs. Lindley at Fallises,

started to write a letter to Alvin

Donnie gave me picture of the house