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shopping went on Stage

& came back same way: 33 had

a good time: bot a box of

Candy for "Miss Currie"

and left it with Miss Todd

at Fallis'es store & give to her

we put our name cards

inside of box pd. 20 cts.

for candy. she leaves

tomorrow A.M. for Dakota

I went over to Bessies this eve & 

we straightened out our pkgs.

& I helped her to Write some

Menus in a little book for

her sister Edna who has

Just been married (on Thanks

givings day to Guy Butts). it is

awfully Dark tonight may

have to smudge to prevent

oranges from freezing: 

Tues. Dec. 15.

Miss Barker [evers?] & ironed

today ^ Miss B.. Mr & Mrs Ripple here for

dinner. Besse & I went down 

town this P.M. got pillow

Cases & gave to Miss Todd to

send to home in Los Angeles.