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by in P.M. & wanted me to go

down town with her but I couldn't 35

as I was baking bread so she went

on alone. said there was 15 at

choir practice last night & also said

I wouldn't believe it if she told

me who brot her home last night

I think it was ["Solan Russel"?]

she went again tonight: 

Mrs. Better Ripple, Mrs. Henderson

Ripple & Charlie were here today: 

Mr. Banks & Joe cut kindling would

this P.M. that was on west side

of Donnies picture house: 

Fri Dec 18: 

nothing much doing to-day

Besse & I went down

town to do little Xmas

shopping I have addressed

& written 24 postals this

eve. went over & Ardens 

& waited for Besse to go down

town she stopped in

at Christians Church

for Choir practice & I 

walked on down town

came back alone but B. had

asked me to stop at church for