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I & Besse went down

town in P.M. and evening

I got a few things in at night

but had to hurry back in P.M.

as I had lots to do at home!

Everett came today & asked me if

I was good natured today & I told

him I didn't know whether I

was or not & he said "you ought

to know" I told him I had too

much work to do then he said

if he wasn't so busy he would

help me with my work" I also

Tues. Dec 22.

baked 4 mince pies & 2

apple pies this forenoon made

a birth day cake for Mr. Riley

P.M. & dressed off turkey for

Xenas: hurried upstairs & 

made beds put [xan?] as presents

into the box tied it up with out

wrapping & took down to hardware

store & a fellow wrapped it for me

& charged 10 cents which 

was glad to give him for his

kindness took to the P.O. & 

mailed postage 86 cents.