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Besse & I went to P.O. again this

evening she came on back to 39

the church to practise & I went

down town to do some shopping

came back to church & waited

for Besse as I promised but got

mighty tired & cold waiting, 

did not phone to Grace today

have bot everyone a present

now that I intend to: sent

away 30 Xmas cards & 1 birth day

card to Sadie. mixed bread

tonight after I got home 10:15 now

11:30: so long mr. Lindley cleaned

two hours for tomorrow very kind of him to

do so;

Wed. Dec 23.

Miss Barber came over & made

some more candy. Eight here

for dinner is being in honor

of Mr. Ripples birth day which

he thot was today but really

was yesterday almost on Sadies

birth day they all told me

I had a lovely dinner & I 

appreciated it very much the

cake was very good. went down town

again this Eve. came by church & stepped

in for Besse as she was there practising

wrote & mailed a letter to Grace: