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Mr. Lindley, Mrs. Ripple Iza


Joe & Charlie went to Azusa & 

brot home some Olives & took

over some Xmas presents to Mr

John Lindleys. 

Thurs. Dec. 24

Worked all day at various

things. Miss Barbers niece

in Whittier phoned & said

they were just starting over

after her so Mrs. Lindley asked

me to go over and tell her which

I did & she gave me a Collar

which she had made & also

gave me one to give to Mrs. Ripple

Mrs & Mrs. L. gave me a dress Mrs

R. a little powder bag. Mrs. R.

went with me down to the P.O. 

to mail my pkg. to Grace & 

a letter home & one to Grace

went to an entertainment

at Christian Church tonight

was pretty good: mailed a

card for Mrs. Lindley in night

drop as P.O. proper was closed

helped Mrs. Ripple trim

Xmas tree this P.M.