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Fri. Dec. 25, 


Xmas day: Mr. & Mrs

Ripple & Mrs Bettie Ripple here

for dinner & Besse too

in P.M. Besse & I went

up to Graces she started

down to meet us & had

a box of candy she thot

she could come right

up to us I felt so sorry for

her that I didn't know

what to do & I came back 

to Ardens with B. & helped

her with supper & washed

dishes & then we went to the 

show at Euclid: saw Pedro !

there we were in a hurry

to get the dishes washed but

kept talking so I said the

first one that talks before

we get the dishes washed

will kiss Everett tomorrow

& Mrs. Arden came out and

asked Besse something

but it happened to be some