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42 thing that she could ans.

by shaking her head neither

one of us spoke a word while

we were washing dishes;

Besse said "I wonder

where we will be next Xmas", 

I wonder myself: Mr & Mrs

Lindley gave me a dress Mrs. R

a powder bag & Besse a nice

box of stationery & a collar

from Miss Barber: 

Sat. Dec 26

didn't get up until quite

late this morn. got a lunch

for Lindley at 11 oclock & 

then they went over to san

Bernardino Donnie +

stayed here I cleaned

our living room but did

not get it dusted Besse

phoned twice & I phoned

to Grace Besse & I went

down town saw [solan?]

no mail today. 

Sun. Dec. 27, 

Lindleys went to church