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I talked to Grace, made 

some doughnuts & fed calf

etc. Lindleys went for an auto ride

after dinner Besse came over

here for a few minutes we

were playing "would he" Duets on

pianos I went over to Ardens & 

with her to let chickens out & feed

& gather eggs (got 12) & stayed until

five Oclock P.M. came home & got

supper washed dishes & strained,

measured & put away the milk. 

& got ready & went over to Besses

again & then to Church with her: 

came back & wrote a letter to

A.L. H. & addresses envelopes to others

now 10: 10 Oclock Good night)

Mon. Dec 28. 

Mr & Mrs L. & Iza went to

Los Angeles today they both begged

Joe to go but he did not want

to Mrs Doyle came & did the washing

Grace phoned & said the mail carrier

had left some pkgs. at [Alleres?]