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44 that were addressed to me

so I went up this P.M. to get them

it was [hdkgs?] from Clarke & Eva & 

from C. & Eva I intended to catch

the next car back down town but

missed it so walked .. . Mrs Ripple

phoned & wanted me to take care of

Charlie & I told her I wanted to go up to Allens &

get my pkgs. so she suggested leaving

him with Besse until I got back (which

she did) Besse & I went to show the

eve. I took a bath after I came home

& put on a pair of the new Union

suits which I bot down town today

I cleaned my room thoroughly

before I went up to Allens. sent a

card to Aunt J.

Tues. Dec. 29,

baked bread today dusted in

Grandmas rooms & ran over rugs

with carpet sweeper. mopped up

floor of Mrs. Lindleys bath room

& shook rugs. Besse & I went to P.O. 

about 5 Oclock got my key and 

handkerchief that I lost yesterday