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phoned to Grace her tooth was

bothering her a great deal. miss doyle 45

was there today reced a letter from [A.L.H.?]

today: fixed my checked skirt this eve.

now 8:45 P.M. so long: mailed letter to [A.L.H.?]

& [S.E.H?] by Donnie:

Wed. Dec 30, 1914:

Nothing unusual doing today

I washed out every blessed rag

that I own this P.M. sent

my blue skirt to [Cutchin?]

Bros. to be cleaned: Mr & 

Mrs L. went to [Pomoma?] today

Marie Kemma came down

and played Tennis with

Iza this P.M. she was here

for supper also Mr & Mrs.

Frankish are here this eve;

Mrs. L. read a letter from Jessie

before supper & she was telling

all about her Xmas. Joys what

she received for presents from

her friends & relatives: I phoned

to Grace this P.M. but Mrs. Allen

said she was way down the 

road with the children Besse

phoned to me & we had quite

a chat: recd cards from [Arella?] &