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Thurs. Dec. 31, 1914. 


Mr. Lindley was sick this

morning and could not do the

milking so Mrs. L. came out

and asked me to do it

which I did Mrs. Nichole came

out to barn while I was milking &

Joe was standing looking on. & she

finally asked who is milkling & 

Joe said "Myrtle" & then said

"I didn't want you to see me"

Besse came by here & stopped in

on her way back from town & gave

me 3:25 which she had borrowed

from me she went home this eve. 

for a ten days vacation. I ironed

a few things & left the rest on

the line to be rinsed by the rain Haha

phoned to Grace & had quote a chat: 

with her recd 2 letters from Alvin

one of them telling me that [Aleain?]

was married Dec 27,

Fri. Jan. 1, 1915

Mrs. Lindley went to church before

breakfast Joe & Iza went after.

breakfast I did milking etc:

no sue company here for dinner had