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Olives, celery lettuce salad, eggs,

Potatoes and Bread butter & Tea for

dinner all of Lindleys went over to

Mrs. Ripples for supper so I didn't have to

get any at all. Lizzie Banks stayed

with me until they came home & 

then I walked back with her she

said Muriel or her mama & papa would

come over after her but I didn't like

for them to do that was 8 Oclock when I 

went back with her. went up to Theresa

Weavers this P.M. & had a nice visit

Mrs. Lindleys Joe & Iza took me up to her place

& I walked home got back in time to do the


Everette here today & he

pinched elbow.

Sat. Jan 2, 1915

milked the cows again this morning. 

did genl work took the hose

& washed the front walk

off, & then sprayed the

blanket on the line to rinse

& I ironed an everyday dress

scrubbed in bathroom

upstairs wiped down back

stair & made a cake & 

got supper. all the folks