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50 Tues Jan 5,

I am feeling pretty [bum?] to-

night Mr & Mrs Lindley went

as far as San Pedro with

Iza today to see him safely

started on his way back

to Santa Clara to schoool. 

he went on the [Boat Jale?]

I washed everything for my

self today & some for Mrs

L. or rather Iza reed a

letter from Papa in A.M.

& one from AL. in P.M.

sewed a blue piece on

bottom of one of my every

day dresses tonight

phoned to Grace & read

Papas letter to her she

said she recd. the letter

I sent her O.K. (so long) 

Wed. Jan 6, 1914

My cold was some better

this morn, but tonight seems

as usual I went to [Pomon?]

with Mr. & Mrs. L. this