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P.M. Little Charley Ripple 51

went along too he rode  in

back seat with me; Mr & Mrs

L. went to see Dr. Crank. 

no mail today Everett came

here this a.m. Mrs. L. gave me

some red yarn to darn my

sweater with. phoned to Grace early

this morn & tonight she called me

while I was at Pomona. 

Thurs. Jan 7, red letter from


Carpenters were here to day &

put wains coating on the

sides of breakfast room they

didn't have the Beaver board

at either of the lumber yards

so will have to wait until they

get some from Los Angeles.

I cleaned Joe & Iza's room

this P.M. Everett brot an order

here this morning but we hadn't

ordered anything Mrs. L. told him

maby it was Lindsay so he went & 

phoned to them but it wasen't

them. I couldent do a thing

but laugh. I don't know if he

saw me or not.