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glad that she is out from under

quarentine: carpenters finished 53

the breakfast room this P.M. and

as soon as Mr. Palmer gets it

painted we can move back in

again. Cleaned Donnies room. Donnie

gave me another picture of the

house here I thanked him

very much for it. 

Sun Jan. 10,

Angus L. came last night on the

late train after all had gone to

bed 9:15 & was here for breakfast

& dinner today mr. & Mrs. Lindley got an

invitation to Azusa for dinner

& went at mr. John Lindleys place

Elizabeth Banks came over this

even & went with me to church

& Besse also went along she came

back to day after being gone for

a ten days vacation. Elizabeth

got away from me at church to

find her mother there & I have

been worried ever since for fear she

did not find her & would have to

go home alone.