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Monday Jan. 11, 1915


got up at 5:30 so did Joe. built a

fire in range Joe brot in the

kindling. put the coffee on & got

breakfast ready then went out & 

put wash water on & built a fire in

wash house. run vacum cleaner over

living room & got dinner in forenoon

scrubbed kitchen washed

windows and took every thing

out of the entrance at back

door & took the hose in there

sprayed the dust etc. down &

washed out some dish towels

brot in the clothes that Mrs. Doyle

washed. then went up stairs &

put clean sheets pillow cases &

spread on Angus Lindleys bed

as he is here again tonight

& made the other beds. got

supper & went over to Besses a while

she showed me her sister Edna & 

her husband's wedding picture & some

more of her Xmas presents. gave me

a bunch of artificial violets. she went

down town this P.M. phone & asked me to go

along but I couldnt. recd a card from

[Anne?] today wrote a letter to folks tonight

& told them that Grace was not from