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under quarentine: Everett not here


today - [Ish ka bibble?]. recd letter

from Alvin.

Tues. Jan. 12, 1915:

Angus Lindley went home this

morn on 7:10 train Miss Barber

came to do ironing. I cleaned

Mrs. Lindleys bathroom out so

Mr. Palmer could varnish

the floor. went down town

about a quarter past four

got Mrs. Lindleys blue skirt

from the dress makers & 

mailed some letters for her

& I mailed one to the folks.

Mr & Mrs L. & Mr & Mrs R.

went to Pomona this eve to

attend a K.C. Ball Besse

& I stayed with Charlie

& had a very nice time

got back at 11:30 at night.

Wed. Jan. 13, 1915

got up at 6:15 Joe set the table

he was in a hurry as Mr. Banks

was waiting for him. Everett here

this morn & so was his brother brot