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some express. baked bread today &


washed out all my soiled clothes phoned

to Grace & Besse phone to me. Besse

& I went to P.O. this even to mail some letters

went to Mrs. Lawrences to get Mrs. L.

skirt and then to Isis Theatre

they gave presents away and I 

got a bottle of shoe blacking

for my presnet past 10 Oclock

when we got home all my

people had gone to bed.

Send a letter to Aunt J. this eve. 

Thurs. Jan 14, 1915,

got up at 15 min. to six

Fellow brot a load of coal

in a.m. didn't do anything

only genl work today this

P.M. Bessie & I went up town

& met Grace there the first

time she has been out

since she was quarentined

& we three went up to the

dress makers where I had

went to see about getting 

the dress made that Mrs.

Lindley gave me for Xmas. 

I did milking tonight. etc.