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recd a letter from Mabel today & a


little book from Jessie, wrote a 

letter to Jessie & Alvin this eve. 

so long now. 10:20 Oclock at night

Fri. Jan 15, 1915.

baked a birthday cake for

Charlie Ripple at his forenoon

and ate it for dinner Mr &

Mrs. [I.?]H. Ripple & Mrs. Bettie

Ripple here for dinner. Mrs. R.

got dime & Mrs. L. the ring

& myself the button. They all

went for a ride after dinner

Besse & I went down town

& to take lining up to dress-

makers for my dress: read

mabels letter to Grace over phone

Sat. Jan 16_1915

blew most all day & such

a gloomy day I haven't seen for

man days. Earl _ _ _ came 

this A.M. to put new wash

basin in bath room up. stairs

I picked up living room. & made

beds; after noon I claned out

up stairs bathroom. Mopped