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down backstairs & mopped


in kitchen dressed off an

old hen for tomorrow

Mrs. Lindley brot out the [Darby?]

report for me to read the

letter Eileen had written

to the Editor to be publichsed

it was fine:  

Sun. Jan. 17, 1915

Mr. & Mrs Lindley & Joe went

to church this morning

Joe did not get up in time

to eat his breakfast before

church so he ate it when he

came back; Mr. & Mrs. 

Ripple were here for din-

ner, They went out for a 

ride, Grace, Bessie & I

went to the head of the 

Avenue & walked to

Stodards camp. us three

girls were going to climb

a hill, I got up quite a 

ways and had a hard

time to get down, came

home, Grace helped me