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wash supper dishes, Bessie, 


came by & we went to church

grace stayed allnight.

Mon. Jan. 18. 

did genl work baked bread

Mr. Smith came but we did

not want anything. I went

down town with Besse this P.M. 

I went to dress makers & had

my dress fit on Besse & 

Grace stayed at Library

got a lb. of Coffee & 25 cts dates

at Smiths & got two mouse

traps at Hockidays hdw:store

I stayed with Grace until

the  St. car started or was

about ready to start no letters


Tues. Jan. 19,

got up very late 10 min. of seven

had breakfast ready in

a few minutes. didn't do

much of anything all day

made beds got dinner in.

forenoon & stuffed dates in

P.M. I phoned to Grace but