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60 did not balk very long. 

Besse phoned to me. we

went to Isis Theatre tonight

enjoyed it very much my

two fellows at corner of P.O.

didn't know they were there &

it seared me when I saw them 

and I said book & one of

the boys said the same thing. 

Wed. Jan. 20. 

12:35 a.m. Just came home

from Mrs. Ripples where

I went about 7:30 tonight

and took care of Charlie

While the Ripples & Lindleys

went to an entertainment

& Ball given by the

L.C. B.A. ladies of which

Mrs. Lindley was hostess

that's the reason they

didn't get home sooner

they wouldn't leave until

everyone else did being

hostess, Besse went with

me to dressmakers this

P.M. & went here this morn