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62 present I am indeed very

very proud of it. Bessie came

over & she & I Grace went

down town I got my dress

at Mrs. Saitta's the dressmakers

she phoned and told me she

wouldn't have it ready before

four Oclock, recd. a letter

from home today. Grace

took the five minutes to [fine?]

car for home - Mrs. Lindley

learned me how to do tatting

tonight I am quite proud

of knowing how she told me 

I was an apt scholar & 

that I learned quicker than

any one she ever taught. 

Fri Jan 22, 1915.

I worked all a.m. at getting 

dinner ready. it being Mr.

Lindleys birthday. I made

the birthday cake also

Everett came & the back door

was locked & I went to unlock it

he said you must be like

that other young lady over