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here afraid some body will steal


you" I told him I never thot about

that Besse came by and stepped

in on her way back from town.

she said she went to choir

practise last night & that she

was going to join the basket

ball team" [lif'er go Bill?]:

Mr. Kenny came over after

milk this eve & came in & 

visited awhile with Mr. Lindley

did not hear from Grace at all

today Central said the line was 

out of order when I was trying

to call her. 

Sat. Jan. 23, 1915. 

Swept off front porch run

dustless mop over Donnies

Joes & my room & up & down

the Hallway. this forenoon

& brushed cobwebs down in

Donnie's room. Lizzie Banks

came over this P.M. & she

and I went down town I mailed

photos to Clarke & Eva. Uncle Charlie

& Aunt Emma. bot a corset

tablet & post cards. also some