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64 candy (ten cents worth) 150

for corset, .09 cts for postals & .05 cts for

tablets recd. letters from Alvin

wrote letters to A.L.H. & Home this

evening & cards to Aunt. E. & Eva;

Besse went home today. 

Sun. Jan. 24, 1915

Mr. & Mrs. Lindley, Joe &

Mrs. Ripple went to Early

Church this morn & brot

Mr. & Mrs. English & another

woman & her little Girl back

from Church for breakfast.

it rained all after noon Grace

came down & stayed all

night. Besse phoned & 

asked if I was going to

Church I told her I didn't

think it was a fit night

so she didn't stop for us I 

am glad of it

Mon. Jan. 25

Got up at 6 Oclock this morn

Gace took the 6:25 car

up to Allens [?] she stopped

in at P.O. to mail some