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66 Wed. Jan. 27, 1915

Mrs. Lindley went over to Miss Barbers

for dinner & spent the afternoon

there Miss Barber had invited

Mrs. Dickey & Mrs. Horton over

for dinner & spend the day but

Mrs. Dickey thot it was not a

very agreeable day so phoned

her that she could not come so

Miss B. asked Mrs. Lindley to come

Mrs. L. told me that it meant a

good deal for one living alone

to get ready for company and

then not have them come so

she went over to make Miss

B. feel better about it Mrs. H. came

Joe & Mr. Banks didn't get back

with their load of [Kaffir?] corn until

10 minutes past two we waited

dinner until one Oclock on them &

then Mr. L. & Donnie ate & after

wards Mr. L. took Auto & went out

to see what had happened & 

Joe & Mr. B. he met them about

a mile from town coming home