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come for their milk wrote a letter to


Mabel up in my room this P.M. [Hanart?]

mailed the jacket to the folks at home [nes?]

sent off the letter yet hope I'll get down

town tomorrow. looked over all the

walnuts that were down cellar as the

mice had been into them & also found

some Orange marmalade of Ardens

that they had been into: Mrs Lindley

phoned to Mrs. Arden & told her to come

& get it Mr. Arden came & got them it this 

forenoon: intended to go up & see Grace

this P.M. if it had of been nice weather

as she was alone Mrs. Allen would come

home from Los. A. tonight. 

Fri. Jan 29, 1915

got up at 6:30 this morn still

raining yet tonight & looks

like it would keep it up has

rained a little over four

inches already since it

started. Besse & I went down

town today I got some

things at Mrs. Laurences

for Mrs. Lindley. Besse took

some whole wheat bread back

to Smiths store & got a loaf