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of white bread. I mailed the jacket


home today and a letter to Mabel

Mamma recd. a letter from

Aunt J. this morn. phoned to

Grace after I got home from 

town. Donnie told me there was

some magazines in on the

side board that I could get & 

read if I cared to & I went and

got them enjoyed readiing them

too. Mrs. Lindley gave me a

piece of linen already cut out

for a doily & she hemmed it

so I could sew my first

strip of tatting on it & I am

quite proud of it

Sat. Jan 30. 1915

did genl work in a.m. mixed

bread. Besse & I went down town

in P.M. Lizzie Banks came

over & we told her that we were

going to Pomona so she went

back home after she had done

down town with us went to

the Library & I got two books

(Life of Woodrow Wilson & The Operas)