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Grace phoned while the


folks were eating & wanted to know

what time I would be ready to go

down town I told her 7 or 730 & then

I phoned to Besse & asked her if

she didn't want to go along and

she did so we all went & took in

show at The Euclid went to

[destrans?] & Grace tried to get a

suit but nothing suited us -

Grace found some references

in the Bible pertaining to

marriage which I wasn't

to show Besse: 

Sun. Jan 31, 1915

did work as usual this

A.M. Besse wanted me to

go to S.S. with her but

couldn't on account of getting

dinner started Grace came

down this P.M. & B. came

over we walked around

town mailed a letter

for Mrs. L. & one to Aunt J. & a

card to Alvin. Grace took

the 5 to 5 car for home &