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Besse & I then went & got a 


glass of root beer (Besses,) &

a glass of Cocoa Cola (myself)

[catched?] as far as we could &

followed as far as "dared &

go to see where Fritz Jock

[ined?]. Came back by RR.

& thru Miss Barbers house

to Ardens & I came on over

to Lindleys. The had gotten back

from Azusa. Ripples here for

dinner! Mrs. L. just came up & told me to

have early breakfast. 

Mon. Feb 7, 1915.

Got up at 5:30. this morn,

& had breakfast & Joe had to

wait for Mr. Banks to come

I was out in the coal house

getting a bucket of Coal this

morn. when Everett came & he

tooted the horn of his Automobile

& when I came out he said "You

can handle the shovel can't

you? I said "you bet I can."

Mr. Lindley put in a new piece of 

Linoleum in front of the stove

it make such a difference in