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the appearance of it, I made


some cookies after dinner

phoned to Grace & Besse phoned to

me while I was getting supper,

dyed my dress also this P.M.

color black;

Tues. Feb. 2, 1915

rained all day. I ironed

the peices that I dyed

yesterday & a few other things

Mrs. Lindley thot my black

dress was very nice I put

it on after I ironed it this a.m.

no mail today did not

hear from Grace today

I went over to Besses a

few minutes this P.M. & 

embroidered some on my

doily while she washed

a few white clothes. She gave

me a nice red apple. 

Wed. Feb,

didn't write my Diary

tonight and on

Thurs. Feb 4.

I do not remember what