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Private journal continuation from the year 1848 -

May 23 1849 Williamsburg Virginia.

Nature has again arrayed herself in her robe of

green and all is cheerful and bright. The appearance

of the Old Metropolis is very much improved by the

change of nature. Thanks and praise be given to the

Giver of all things for his mercies in bringing us to

behold another Season especially one so much calcula-

ted to inspire our hearts with gratitude and a sense

of the infinite power and might & wisdom of

the Divine being. Lord make us to number our days

that we may apply our hearts unto Thee; Grant that

we may no longer be [?] and backsliders from

thy most Holy law. Let us walk in thy paths ever

obey thy commandments. I fear we are all

disobedient and rebellious for it appears that we

are about to be chastened with a heavy scourge.

I heard on yesterday of the great mortality which

the Cholera had produced in Norfolk.

And I am apprehensive that it will