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be done. I feel and know all deserve thy wrath.

Yet Lord restrain thy day of visitation continue

thy mercies Good Master. I am now in anti-

pation of meeting with my dear Father,

Sister and Brother who will visit me on Saturday

next if the Lord will. For with us all things are 

impossible. I am present very busy. Have 

scarcely time for the perusal of my work. 

I am very much interested in the life 

of Mrs Judson the various incidents relating 

to her missionary cause. It is a very engaging

work and enables us to appreciate the [?]

privileges which we are permitted though 

Divine agency to enjoy. I received a letter from

my Father on yesterday informing of the death 

of a dear friend and connexion; [three?]  years

my junior. Lord let this be an efficacious

warning to us who are so unfaithful and

Good Lord; Let him remember that thou 

loveth whom thou chastens. She welcomed

and desired death as a release from all

her sufferings. She has been a disciple of