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the meek and lowly Jesus for two years, and 

in this her immortal spirit has left this earthly

tenement of clay, to join her Mother [?]

the choir above who left this earth two years

previous. How  sweet and comforting are 

these lines. "Jesus can make a dying bed

Feel soft as downy pillows are

While on his breast, I lay my head

and breathe my breath out sweetly there. "

Let me live the life of the righteous, let my last 

end be like his. Thou mercy Lord [?]  the absent

and turn his heart unto, O Father of all mercies

Grant through Jesus Christ our redeemer and Saviour

of the world. May Saturday May 26 1849

26th May. Through the mercies of a wise Providence we 

have been brought almost to the end of another 

week. How  humble and grateful for the numerous

blessings we have received at the hands of a long

suffering and lenient [Creator?] Yet so vile and 

deceitful are our hearts many too many of us

[?] of the power who hath made us

and  preserved us until this hour God forbid

that I can forget his goodness, and a sense