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of his presence be all present with me who 

art so unworthy of the notice of so great

and good being. Make at all times and in 

all places feel my utter and entire dependence

on thee. How true the  the proverb disappointment

sinks the heart of man. I feel its truth 

this day. I have been anxiously awaiting the 

arrival of the 26th of May fondly anticipating 

meeting with my beloved Father, dear brother 

and Sister. But the inclement weather has

denied the gratification of that pleasure.

The Lord knows best and Lord remove 

repining at thy wise dispensation far

from me. Let thy will and not mine be done. 

Give me godliness and contentment therewith.

Let me put my whole trust and confidence in 

thy mercy; wherever I be. Grant O Father if it 

be thy will, that they may through thy help

[?] yet. There is Cambellite [Campbellite?] meeting to 

commence today. crowds of persons have 

started to attend it. They are very [?] [?]

of their doctrine and rules. The loose [?]

them if their may be pleasing to