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I never was present during their [seaside?] and 

am altogether ignorant of their forms

and plan of salvation. If the weather be

fair on tomorrow what a concourse of

persons will there be assembled! It is such

a rare occurrence a meeting of description

It is generally well attended. I have just comp-

leted some work which I was eager to finish

and am really glad. Holy days  are almost

here for I have been working so constantly

of late a little rest would be quite pleasant.

However work is such a pleasant companion

and so profitable a one, that I have no objection

to a continuation after an hours recreation.

Williamsburg. Private journal. May 26, 1849.

May 29th. I have only a few moments returned from church.

have the privilege of again attending the blessed

sanctuary of the Great Jehovah. Thanks be to God

for the many mercies all have enjoyed the

past week and have been through his mercies

and kindness been permitted to see this blessed

Sabbath. "Lord make me remember to keep

holy this day and hereafter lead a Godly