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righteous and sober life. Mr. Dennison's sermon was

selected from the 12th chap and 4th verse of 

1st Cors. It was really an eloquent discourse and 

beautifully delivered. Had quite a small congregation.

Most of those who were absent, being young persons who

generally go with the majority; as there was a large 

Cambelite [Campbellite] going on today; which attracted a great

many persons from the city. I have been again 

disappointed respecting the arrival of dear relations.

Lord give me resignation to thy will whatever it may

be. Have mercy upon me, and cleanse me from all

my sins. Be with through the day and keep me

under the shadow of thy  [?] . It has been raining

for the last two days but has now cleared, but still

cloudy and a gloomy prospect of having my 

expectation gratified. While there is life there is hope

and I shall live on the anticipation of seeing 

them ere the elapse of many days. I have 

for the last [?]

June 6th 49. I am now alone. All my dear relations

have left me. How  truly there is pleasure in meeting

but in parting there is pain. My Father spent

only four days with me, it was a stuggle under