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that of parting with him. The Lord bless him and

make him his disciple is my sincere prayer.

The evening before he left he presented me with

a five dollar Gold piece which he had been 

saving for me sometime . My bridal present was

fifty $ in gold pieces of [?] in each. It was

a beautiful and valuable present. I purchased a handso-

me Wardrobe and Bureau. He is truly a Father worthy 

most worthy of the kind affectionate protec

tor which thou hast given me. Make more

faithful and diligent to  make my high 

calling and election sure. I went to a childrens

party on last evening; spent a delightful and [pleasant?]

time. I never enjoyed myself more. There were

64 children assembled. [?] youth and 

happiness was depicted in every face. Think

and know that this is thy happiest season

o'Youth. Remember thy Creator in the days 

of thy youth. Let thy blessing attend through

the day O Merciful Creator. Keep me under

the shadow of thy wing O my gracious redeemer

Keep my tongue from evil and my lips that

they offer no guile.