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1849 Thursday June 7 Williamsburg

It is really uncommon weather for the season Indeed

I have never known such a variable and unseason-

able  year. Unfortunately it is favorable for the

most fatal and certain destroyer of the human

race, the Cholera, which is now making rapid

inroads on our Country: It has nearly reached this

place. Would to God we may escape. We are almost

surrounded with it and every day hearing 

more alarming and discouraging intelligence.

All the adjacent counties are now laboring 

under its influence. I have recently received

the distressing information of its ravages in

Gloucester: at Concord the residence of my [?]

Col Jones deceased, his widow has been

attacked with its mild form and is soon

recovering. God has mercy upon my relations

especially my father and sister & Brother

overall who are  [?] dear to us. 

But if it is thy will to afflict us with it

let thy will be done, O Lord: Give us 

and contendment therewith. Let us live in 

preparation for Eternity, watch and pray