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preparations, the past week to attend town on that day. 

to dispose of the produce which they  [?]  during 

the week. God forbid I should [?]  at his will. 

but we make me resigned to do his will not [?]

Quite a gloomy day raining a little this morning.

but though warm dropping the prospect as still

gloomy and every appearance of falling weather.

The Lord knows best; The farmers are sorry to see it

and deem it injurious to their crops. But the 

merciful God knows best he is all wisdom and 

powerful. Lord forgive us our sins and

remember not our misdoings or iniquities.

Aunt Kitty is still confined to her room suffers

much from debility refuses to adopt every

measure which may have been recommended .

Be they ever so mild and beneficial, if some

relief is not afforded she must inevitably die

She cannot bear up against its malicious hand. 

The Cholera is still raging like an angry monster.

in the cities of Richmond & Norfolk. in the former

it is chiefly confined to poorer classes who have not

the means of cleanliness and observing the 

measures which have been adopted  [by?]  the Common