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Council. All cases have been fatal on the south side of

the [basin?] Factories of different kinds of substances

No remedy can be discovered. All efforts are vain

with man. No human attempts can avail. It is in 

the hands of an injured but merciful Creator.

I pray God through Jesus to lighten our scourge though

we deserve the ful[l] measure of thy wrath yet Lord in 

mercy spare me and all who are near and dear

to me. Prepare us for death and judgment.

Whatever means it be thy will to remove us home.

Let thy will not mine be done. The whole creation[?]

seems to be changing and  [whole?] appearance

occur in the heaven; the clouds present an 

uncommon aspect. On last evening rather night

for it was after nine o'clock we observed a rain

bow an arch extending across the heaven; 1849

I suppose it can accounted on the same principle

of the day rainbow as the moon borrows her light

from the sun; and has the power of

reflection though in a much slighter degree. 

It surprised everyone very much. though 

it could be so easily solved. Yet the oldest residents

of the City never witnessed such a scene before