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Thursday June 10th 1849

We have been presented once more

to see a Sabbath morning through the merices of Providence

Attended church had a very few practical remarks by

Mr. Dennison from the 5th chap. 17th verse of 

Paul to the Thessalonians. Pray without ceasing. 

Lord teach us how to pray and let us pray without ceasing.

It seems to me that I enjoy the pleasures of this 

wicked world more than I give to the glorious

service of the living God. I fear I am living [?]

God in the world. I feel I do not appreciate the numer

ous privileges extended to me as  should be done. 

I am too careless, too indifferent about the performance 

of them. Lord have mercy upon us. "O my God change

this vile heart and grant the mind which was in 

Christ Jesus may be within me. Do I love God

as I should is often an anxious inquiry with me. 

I know Satan strives with me, he is trying to make

me his own, he desireth to lift me as [wheat?]  Lord

stretch forth thy strong arm of defense and

save from the reward of the wicked through

Jesus my Saviour.