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Monday June the 11th

O Lord have mercy upon us and

remember not our iniquities. But blot them out of 

thy book of remembrance. Death verily in the Land

death is lurking in every corner. The Cholera is now 

rapidly depopulating out land no human skill

can obviate its malicious touch. It is now rapidly

spreading desolation and misery where ever it goes. 

No attempts can [?] its fatal ravages, the death

seeking monster comes off conqueror. Lord have

mercy upon us and stay thy mighty vengence

Lord restrain thy wrath and reward us not according 

to our iniquities. But for Christ's sake have mercy.

Having heard a few minutes since of its rapid

increase in my cear native county dear old Gloucester.

It is only three miles from my Father's residence.

I can only trust in the Lord. If it is thy will

to afflict us, give us resignation to thy most 

holy love; Prepare us all for deaths end judgment

Sanctify the hearts of every one and let us all

through adversity or prosperity put outrwhole trust

and confidence in thy mercy. For with thee

nothing is impossilble and with man all