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pleasure I now participate. I would abandon

any other worthy  [?]  recreation than that. 

I have heard nothing worth recording of

the fatality produced by the Cholera. Lord have 

mercy upon us, and [?] it from us. 

Aunt Hetty has had a slight chill, and is quite 

sick, indeed she has been an invalid for 

some weeks. I am afraid her days are numbered

and we shall soon be deprived of her,

What a loss, what a loss to her dear affectionate children

and such a Mother  as Angels might adore. She 

has never been surpassed for benevolence, 

charity and indeed all the Christian graces

have been produced prolific and abun

dantly during her sojourn on Earth.

Lord have mercy, call her not home, [?] a little

while. For Christ sake have mercy upon us all.  

June 15th Williamsburg Friday 1849

What a glorious day. All thanks to the merciful Creator

For permitting me to see another day. Blessed with 

health and strength. and have so many privileges

extended to me. Lord make me more dutiful,

ever faithful to thy most holy law.