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Last night had quite a high fever which rendered

me very nervous and restless; did not become

composed until 1 o'clock. Thanks be to God

for his goodness in such a mild affliction.

While others are deprived of friends and others

laid on beds of sickness and agonizing suffering

I have been left unscathed. O Father make me

more grateful for thy mercies give a due sense

of thy power and might. Something prevented

me from writing on Yesterday. I pray God to 

enable me to fulfil[l] faithfully the late resolution

I have been through meditation been led to adopt

that of self examination. On Yesterday I was more

grateful for the numerous mercies extended me.

Did not acknowledge my transgressions no[r?] offer

sincere and grateful thanks for the merciful Creator

O Lord make me more watchful and prayerful 

Let me pray without ceasing in every way giving thanks 

to the great God who hath made me and preserved me

to see this minute. Make me a faithful follower of 

of my Lord and Saviour teach me to love and 

adore not other Idol, but thou, O God, have mercy

upon me. Tear every Idol from thy throne.